Health Services

Community Development Support Worker

Community Development Support Worker (CDSP) provides assistance implementing and managing programs and projects funded under the Aboriginal Healing & Wellness Strategy.

Programs Include:

  • Community Wellness Workers (CWW)
  • Healthy Babies Healthy Children (HBHC)
  • Mental Health Demonstration Project (MHDP)

Aboriginal Health Planning Authority (AHPA) provides support & expertise to address the health & wellness needs of AKRC communities funded under the Aboriginal Healing & Wellness Strategy working closely with AKRC Health

Three Symbols make up the Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Strategy logo

The Turtle Represents Turtle Island.

This is Mother Earth.

The people are holding hands.

This means they will help each other with their problems.

They are standing in a circle.

This is the circle of life. The people are our friends, families and strangers people who need our help or who are helping us.

Community Spectrum Development (FASD)

To address challenges, access resources, teach skills and ensure families have an ongoing network of support, the FASD worker will assist by providing education and information specific to the needs of the child and family. They are familiar with community resources, assist families in accessing support, health and education services and are involved in the development of local support services.

They are a resource to communities on FASD. They also provide emotional and practical support to families. It is important to recognize that each family is unique and understand their role as one that builds on a family’s strengths. Worker works with parents, caregivers, family members and service providers in identifying ways to adapt the child’s environment in response to the child’s needs.

Using both traditional and western methods, the duties of home visitation will involve both prenatal and post-natal contacts for the purpose of identifying and building of individual and family strengths, healthy nutrition choices, connecting with community resources and the promotion of healthy development.

Home visitation will also include 1-1 education
and awareness of the importance of breastfeeding and the encouragement of parent-child bonding, good nutrition, safety, growth and learning. FASD education and awareness will include facilitation of annual FASD Awareness Day, and provides displays for career fairs and health symposiums. The FASD worker will address the health problems that are associated with alcohol use by mothers during pregnancy.

How Will We Do This?
We will partner with other healthcare providers in developing awareness and activities. As well as we will acknowledge the good work to be done in communities and enhance and support activities already established.

Congrats to the 2018 PSW Graduates!!!

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