Technical Advisory

Technical Advisory Services


Technical Advisory Services performs professional technical work for the affiliated AKRC communities and manages the overall function of the Technical Services Department within the Tribal Council. The Technical Advisory Services department assists and advises the communities in various capacities and functions pertaining to works such as housing, community infrastructure, community development and reports, capital planning, minor and major capital projects, operations and management, inventory management, training and capacity development.

Housing Services:

1. Administer the Following On-Reserve Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)
Housing Programs as Listed:

  • CMHC Section 95 New Housing Program.
  • Physical Condition Reviews (PCR’s) for Section 95 Housing.
  • Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP).
  • RRAP Disability Program.
  • Home Adaptations for Seniors Independence Program (HASI).
  • Coordinate CMHC Training Opportunities in the AKRC Communities.

2. Band Housing Projects:

  • Provide Plan Reviews for Code Compliance, Construction Methods and Site Integration.
  • Conduct Housing Inspections for new Construction and Renovations.
  • Provide Work Descriptions for Remedial Work and Renovations.
  • Assist with the Maintenance and Balancing of Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV’s).
  • Advise and Train First Nation Staff on Technical Matters.
  • Assist with Band Housing Maintenance and Maintenance Planning Strategies.


AANDC Reporting:

1. Prepare Annual INAC Community Development Reports Pertaining to Operation and Maintenance Activities

a) Integrated Capital Management System (ICMS).

  • ACRS Projects Annual Report Inspections (As per Triennial ACRS Below).
  • Community Infrastructure and Housing Annual Report.
  • Ongoing Updating of Inventory Collection and Verification of Capital Assets into ICMS.

b) Triennial ACRS Reports.

  • Project Management and Administration from Start to Completion.
  • Requirement for Each AKRC Community Every Three Years.
  • Coordinate Identified Health and Safety Requirements in the Communities.


2. Provide Advisory Services for Yearly INAC Community Core Capital Projects

a) Assist with the First Nation Infrastructure Investment Plan – Annual Update (FNIIP).

  • Assist / Prepare the Investment Plan Allocation Template.
  • Assist / Prepare the Formula Based Project Descriptions and Environmental Reviews.
  • Assist / Prepare the Proposal Driven Project Descriptions for Minor/Major Capital Requests.

b) Assist / Prepare Certificates of Completion for Capital Projects under FNIIP.
c) Certify Environmental Screening Report and Environmental Compliance Report.
d) Assist in the Completion of Enhanced O&M Funding (Water and Sewage Treatment) FNWWAP Annual Report.

Ontario First Nations Technical Services:

  • Board of Director Member and representative for the AKRC Tribal Council.
  • Meet Bi-Annually throughout Ontario. Participate in Meeting Conference Calls as Required.
  • Attend and Coordinate Technical Training Sessions and Conferences with Communities.
  • Act as Liaison for Technical and Capital Projects beyond Capacity of the Tribal Council with the OFNTSC.

Other Services:

  • Advise and Coordinate Projects in Conjunction with the Established Comprehensive Community Capital Planning Studies.
  • Assist with the Project Management of Minor Capital Projects.
  • Maintain Current Reference Documents and Technical Resources for Advisory Services.
  • Maintain Technical Project Library for Long Term Storage and Reference Purposes.
  • Co-ordinate Special Initiatives and Training Opportunities with Communities.